Cedar Crest Mission and Vision

The Mission of Cedar Crest reflects our reason for being a congregation planted by God here in White Lake, Michigan. Just as each Christian shares the purpose of telling everyone about the message of Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ, so to the Mission of Cedar Crest mirrors the Great Commission that Jesus gave to His church at His Ascension into Heaven. Our Mission here at Cedar Crest Lutheran Church is to be constantly “Proclaiming the Gospel and extending the love of Christ throughout the Lakes’ community and beyond.”

While fulfilling our Mission, Cedar Crest also has a Vision of what our Lord desires us to become in the future. With His help and assistance we continue to work toward our Vision of:
Proclaiming the Gospel to the people of the Lakes’ community and the world.
• Encouraging, strengthening, and growing the family of Christ through Word, Sacraments, and Worship.

Won’t you join us in Living our Mission as we Strive toward our Vision while serving you and our Lord, Jesus the Christ of God?