Mission Opportunities – Short Term

There are innumerable opportunities to share the love of Jesus with other people within our local community, as well as our state, country, and around the world. One of the ways to witness Christ’s love and the faith we have been given is by providing some type of physical assistance to those in need. Often when we think of someone being a missionary, we think of a long term commitment, which is not something that many of us feel our circumstances allow us to do at this time. Yet, all of us can do the work of a missionary for a short period of time such as for a week or even up to a month. The need to facilitate and coordinate these shorter mission opportunities led to the formation of Mission Opportunities Short Term (MOST) in 1988. MOST organizes small groups of 10 – 20 people to perform various tasks that utilize their specific skills and interests, such as Agricultural Education, Clean Water Outreach, Construction, Dental Clinics, English Camp, Eyeglass Clinics, Health Education, Hospice Care Training, Medical Clinics, Music and/or Sports Camp, Senior Care Training, Women’s, Men’s and Youth Ministries, VBS, Vocational Training as well as others as requested by those living in the various mission fields. If you would like more information about how you can support MOST by assisting on the organization of a team, being a member of a team, or providing financial assistance, please visit the MOST website.