Holy Bible

We at Cedar Crest believe that the Bible contains the actual Word of God as He inspired various people to record His Words over the course of many centuries. The Bible, also known as the Scriptures accepted by all Christians, was originally written in ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. As most people are unable to read and understand these ancient languages, the Scriptures have been translated into other languages for about 2,000 years to enable them to be read and understood by all people.

God urges us to study the Scriptures to understand Him better and thus strengthen our relationship with Him. It is through the Scriptures that His love for us is revealed, especially through the life and sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, who willingly payed the price for our rebellion and sin through His death on the Cross of Calvary.

In an effort to make the Scriptures available for use and study, many different English translations have been used over the last few centuries. Cedar Crest uses the English Standard Version of the Bible in its worship services and Bible Studies, although other translations such as the King James and the New International Version are also used by various members and attendees of Cedar Crest. We invite you to also read and study the Scriptures by clicking here to access an on-line version of the Bible. If you have any questions about a particular passage, please contact us and we will work with you to assist you in your understanding of God’s Word.